A query that’s all the time raised concerning the Marvel Cinematic Universe is when will the X-Males present up? The reply has all the time been each time the attorneys say so. 

Excellent news although! It appears as if that day is coming quickly. Disney (who owns the movie rights to the Avengers) and 21st Century Fox (who owns the movie rights to X-Males and Incredible 4) are discussing a merger and it seems to be like talks are practically completed. If the deal goes by way of it’s rumored that we’ll see the X-Males in Infinity Warfare and definitely after that. 

It is a very thrilling time for superhero followers and already individuals have guesses as what this all means. 

We will not assist however surprise why that is taking place now. The main idea is that Disney is anxious about telling new tales after Infinity Warfare and introducing the X-Males offers them new characters and storylines to discover. 

It additionally explains why Marvel Studios President Kevin Fiege has been regularly promising one thing new after section three ends.

Fox acquired the movie rights to X-Males and Incredible 4 within the 1990’s. The Spider-Man movie rights have been additionally bought to Sony throughout this time, however everyone knows how that turned out. Now persons are hoping Wolverine and pals make an identical entrance. 

Personally, I might wish to see Scarlet Witch create all of the Mutants on the finish of Infinity Warfare like a reverse Home of M. If you do not know what means, then you can be in for an actual deal with. 


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